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Our Story

Did you know?

That paper is not naturally white. This “white”–ness is the result of 18 different chemicals, many of which contaminate natural water bodies. That 16,000 trees are cut daily, a significant percentage of which are used in the paper industry.

Yeah! The numbers are shocking.

But why did we find out about this?
Well, we supplied sustainable gifting products to companies, and this involved a lot of different office visits. We noticed the abundance of copier paper and other stationery. Coming from a sustainable space, we wanted to understand exactly what the impact of this is on our environment.

Turns out nearly half of all trees felled are used to manufacture paper or other stationery products. The more we read magazines and print pamphlets about climate change and preserving nature, the truth is, the more we destroy it.

And let’s be real - physical paper isn’t going anywhere!

We had to do what we could to provide a long-term solution. Our goal was to create sustainable stationery products that could have a positive impact on the climate. But we didn’t want to charge a ‘premium’ on this. Protecting the planet is our duty, not a fee.

That’s how Rescript was born! With a deep desire to help the planet and decrease our collective carbon footprint. This is why we developed the perfect stationery products that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. All our sustainable stationery products actively contribute to four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid down by the UN.

We envision our sustainable stationery saving 30,000 trees and 6 crore liters of water by 2025. We also envision you having a great time using them and feeling happier about your purchase with us. After all conscious consumers are happier consumers.

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Meet The Team

Ashutosh Ananth


Ashutosh is an Alumnus of Christ University and the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Prior to Rescript, he co-founded an instant food business and has a lot of experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. He co-founded Rescript because of his passion for bridging the gap between Sustainability and the corporate world.


Naren Raj


Naren graduated from Christ University and worked with a corporate company for a brief period, his passion for business and emerging trends helped him explore the option of sustainability. His enthusiasm for Rescript stems from his desire to instil sustainability at a subconscious level for every individual, business and organization.

Pratik Dawda

Digital Marketing Head

Pratik is a lawyer that loves marketing, and has been honing his digital marketing skills at Rescript. His passion for marketing and love for sustainability has helped familiarize Rescript among the people.

Pratik Dawda
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