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Going Green: Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Products in India

3rd March 2023

Eco-friendly products are becoming increasingly popular among consumers worldwide, and India is no exception. As consumers, we can help reduce our environmental impact by choosing sustainable products. There has been an explosive growth in the range of sustainable & eco-friendly products available in India, with more Indian consumers becoming conscious of the impact of their choices as consumers.


 Recycled Products


Recycled paper products 

At Rescript, we offer a range of eco-friendly and sustainable stationery products made from recycled paper. Our recycled paper products are not only good for the environment but are also stylish and well made. We offer a variety of products such as recycled copier paper, notebooks, journals, pens & pencils to meet all your stationery needs, without compromising on design & quality!


Recyclable Bags


Eco-friendly Pens and Pencils

We offer eco-friendly pens and pencils made from recycled materials. Our pens are 95% plastic free and are available in packs of 5 and 10.  Our pencils are also made from sustainable materials like recycled newspapers and are available in packs of 10.


Reusable bags 

Plastic bags are a significant source of pollution in India, and using reusable bags can help in greatly reducing this problem. Look for bags made from sustainable materials like jute, cotton or hemp, and develop a habit of carrying a bag or 2 with you, so you can always be prepared.

Sustainable fashion 

From organic cotton to recycled fabrics, there are several sustainable fashion brands in India. These brands offer stylish, eco-friendly clothing options that look great on the outside, and make you feel even better on the inside. These products look to avoid impacting the world negatively in every way possible - from using renewable, sustainable & recycled materials as fabrics to ensuring ethical labour & fair compensation.


Compostable products 

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of waste produced in the world. There are several compostable products available in the Indian market, including plates, cups and utensils made from materials like sugarcane and bamboo. Getting compostable notepads and sticky notes made from bamboo paper also helps in reducing waste and contributing to sustainability.


Solar-powered products  

India has plenty of sunshine, and solar-powered products can help us harness this renewable energy source. Look for solar-powered lamps, chargers and other gadgets to integrate into your life. Using solar-powered calculators is a great way to introduce young students to the idea of sustainability & get them excited about using solar power.


Whether it's using recycled paper products or switching to sustainable fashion, every little step counts. As consumers, we have the power to make a difference in the world, and it starts with the products we choose to buy. Let's choose to be responsible consumers and make a positive impact on the environment.


Recycled Stationery


Make the switch to Rescript’s 100% Recycled Paper Products!



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