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How to Make an Eco-friendly Rakhi With Items Already In Your Home

5th August 2022

Raksha Bandhan is one of our favourite times of the year. At Rescript, we believe that culture should be celebrated to the fullest. We particularly love how Rakshabandhan brings people together over the celebration of the bond between siblings.

An eco-friendly Raksha Bandhan

At the centre of all Raksha Bandhan celebrations is the Rakhi. Typically made of cotton, string and ornamental paper, the Rakhi has come to symbolize the bond between a brother and sister - a sort of vow of protection.

We believe that Raksha Bandhan can be made extra special by making Rakhis yourself, with materials that you can find lying around the house. These upcycled Rakhis are sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever is getting them tied on their wrist, due to the personal touch that comes with it.

We looked into the process of making a Rakhi and it turns out, it’s not that complicated to do. With just a few simple steps, you can create a completely unique Rakhi. Keep reading to know how you can make a Rakhi at home.

Materials Required

  • Scissors

  • Fabric glue/needle

  • An old piece of cloth

  • Cardboard/cereal box/patchwork/grains

  • Marker/acrylic paints/colours of choice


  • Cut a piece of cloth in the shape of your choice The size should be around 4×4 inch.

  • Secure the edges with a simple stitch or make a small fold and glue it.

  • Use acrylic paints or markers to draw or write. Sketch pens or watercolours can wear off easily.

  • Alternatively, you can also reuse embellishments like a broach or scrunchie.

  • For a child’s rakhi, use cardboard or cereal box and cut them round. Cover them with a cloth so that they don’t tear.

  • You can also stick grains like lentils or rice on the piece of cloth as decoration.

The Thread

  • Cut a piece of cloth in straight lines or use wool or cotton thread.

  • There are different looks you can give to the thread. This includes braiding, knotting or simply leaving them open.

  • We suggest using 3-4 strands to make the Rakhi sturdy.

  • Close the end of the threads with glue or a simple stitch.

Finishing touches

  • If you’ve used glue, allow everything to dry

  • In the final step, attach the patch with the thread with glue or stitch. Voila, your rakhi is ready!

It is really that simple to make a Rakhi. You can craft one out of so many pieces that you are sure to find in your household. By making them for your kids, you can help them celebrate the bond between brother and sister. We even encourage you to make it for your own siblings, because why not?

Eco-friendly gifting for Rakhshabandhan

In case you would like to give your sibling or loved one a gift for Rakshabandhan, we encourage you to check out our Sustainable Stationery Kit. This kit has been designed to help anyone get started in the wonderful world of recycled paper and stationery products. Happy Rakshabandhan!

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