How to use the Rescript Wellness Journal

28th October 2022

When we first launched our regular journals, we were surprised to see the response that they received. As it turns out, there are very few products like it today: a journal that can be used every day and bought multiple times over with little environmental cost. On an individual level, we have been aware of the benefits of journalling for quite some time now. This got us thinking: what if we could create a journal that made the process of journaling simpler and less open-ended?

The Process

If you have already bought the Rescript Wellness Journal, then you’ll see that it is made up of 4 sections, each marked with a different colour. Before we get into the details of how to use each section, let’s consider the rationale behind each. We broke down mental health care into easily manageable chunks: gratitude, positive habit formation, personal development and interventions. With these four sections in place, the journal is designed to help you address these four pillars of your mental health as you need to.

How to use the Wellness Journal

We recommend using the first three sections of the journal on regular basis. The orange section is meant to help you write down things that are stressing you out or upsetting you - so that you can identify and keep track of repeated stressors, in case you have any. Every section also has plenty of empty space to help you journal freely and write about all the thoughts that you might be experiencing.


The green section helps you express gratitude for the positive influences in your life. We know that expressing gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. We recommend spending 5-10 minutes on the green section every day to help you establish a strong base of gratitude in your life. 


The blue section of our wellness journal is dedicated to personal wellness through habit formation. It contains a list of physical activities that can help you develop better mental health along with a nutrition guide to help you eat clean. Use the blue section to start a habit and stick to it over a longer period of time. 


The teal section is dedicated to personal growth and development. This section contains open-ended activities that allow you to articulate your ambitions and goals in a way that works for you. Whenever you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or if you feel you have lost sight of your goals, revisit the teal section to remind yourself of the goals that you set for yourself, and make incremental progress towards achieving them. 


The orange section is meant for code-orange situations when you are stressed out, or upset. Containing tools that can come in handy during panic attacks, depressive episodes and other times of emotional imbalance, we included these tools in our Wellness Journal because we know that mental health is a bumpy ride full of ups and downs. 

In case you have any questions about using the Wellness Journal, please reach out to us on We’d also love to hear from you in case you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve this product.

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