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Recycled Paper Notebooks - Going back to school sustainably!

13th May 2022

With the new academic year just a few weeks away, learners around the country are gearing up for the next step in their journey towards being grown-ups. We’d like to make a case for switching to recycled paper notebooks as an alternative to conventional paper to help your kids contribute to a lower carbon

1. Recycled Paper Notebooks save on solid waste space

Did you know products like Recycled Paper Notebooks, Eco-Friendly Stationery and Recycled A4 Paper can significantly increase the amount of space available for non-compostable and non-recyclable solid waste? 1 ton of paper waste takes up 2.5 cubic meters of space in landfills and waste disposal units. If
you switch to recycled paper notebooks this back to school season, your children’s stationery needs will have a minimal impact on both landfill space and the number of trees that were felled to fulfil their requirements.

2. Recycled Paper Notebooks create less pollution

The most common tactic employed to dispose of old paper is to use incinerators to burn it. While incinerators are great at turning large volumes of waste paper into compostable ash, the use of eco-friendly stationery can help us recycle more paper and reduce the overall amount of waste that is sent for incineration. Replacing conventional paper with recycled a4 paper can have the additional effect of lowering the overall amount of water consumed by the paper manufacturing process and reducing the number of pollutants that are released into water bodies.

3. Recycled paper notebooks and eco-friendly stationery reduce the load on water bodies

Virgin paper is manufactured through a process that consumes significant volumes of water and discharges large amounts of toxic chemicals into the very same water bodies that facilitate the running of paper manufacturing plants. For every ton of recycled paper that is used in place of virgin paper, two barrels of oil are saved in the process.

4. Recycled paper notebooks use fewer resources to manufacture

Eco friendly-stationery and recycled paper notebooks help preserve forests and trees. The use of 1 ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees from being felled. Recycled A4 paper can be recycled 5-7 times before their fibres are finally are too short to be recycled. Once the paper is recycled so many times that it can’t be recycled further, the leftover slurry can be safely composted or deposited in landfills.

5. Recycled Paper Notebooks and Sustainable Stationery Products lower your child’s carbon footprint

Landfills rely on the process of aerobic decomposition to eliminate the leftovers of paper waste from the environment. While aerobic composting is a natural process, the sheer volume of waste paper that enters landfills today causes large amounts of greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide to be
released into the environment. According to the EPA, a ton of recycled paper can reduce the number of greenhouse gases produced by 1 ton, when compared to the less environmentally friendly alternative. You can use our guide to carbon footprint calculation to find out more about your child’s carbon footprint.

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch and turn to recycled paper notebooks for your child’s sustainable stationery needs. You can also consider switching to recycled A4 paper for your printing, copying and administrative needs in the workplace.


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