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The Earth Day Special: 5 simple steps to a sustainable summer season!

22nd April 2022

Happy Earth Day 2022 from all of us at Rescript. Before we get into the article, keep an eye on our socials for something exciting that we’ve planned for today. Now, let’s get into some easy practices that you can adopt to celebrate for Earth Day and make a positive impact on the future of the planet. With summer shining down on India, we’re already seeing record-breaking temperatures being achieved around the country. New Delhi has seen the hottest March in 122 years and unless we act, the effects of climate change are only going to make themselves more obvious and problematic to us over the coming years. Here are some simple practical steps that you can adopt during the hot months to live a more sustainable life: 

Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits 

Buying and consuming seasonal produce helps you support local farmers and also support the planet by eating what it can readily provide you. You can use this seasonal availability guide put together by All That Grows in to learn about the different veggies that are available at different times of the year and make conscious dietary choices accordingly. Why restrict yourself to summer when you can easily eat sustainably throughout the year. 

Spend some time outside 

While some of you reading this might already have an internal protest about the heat outside: hear us out. Spending time outdoors helps you look after the environment by unplugging, thereby lowering your overall emissions and relying less on electricity for cooling. It might sound obvious when said, but just spending a little time outside during the morning or evening can help lower your carbon footprint.

Stay Hydrated with A Reusable Bottle

This might sound like a recurring theme on our blog, but we are big advocates of the widespread adoption of reusable bottles. Using a BPA free or metal drinking bottle can help you save on the cumulative effect of using packaged mineral water for all your hydration needs.

Darken your homes 

To manage the heat within your living spaces, we suggest investing in dark or opaque curtains that can help you cut the heat out. Using darkened curtains during daytime hours ensures that air conditioners and fans have less work to do, helping you consume less energy and emit less carbon dioxide in the process. 

Drive slowly and idle less 

Keeping your revs low and driving slow can help your cars stay cooler in traffic, thereby reducing the amount of fuel they consume to self-cool and prevent overheating. Switching your engines off while waiting in traffic is another great way to reduce fuel consumption and lower the overall levels of emissions that your vehicle produces. Another handy trick that helps you drive more sustainably is to carefully monitor your fan setting while you use air conditioning. A higher fan speed will create cabin noise and provide you with temporary relief. Once you find the cabin sufficiently cool, we suggest you lower your fan settings to the minimum needed to sustain that comfortable environment. Following this practice will also put less load on your engine. 


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