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Why you should switch to sustainable notebooks

17th March 2022

Despite how far along we have come in the digital era, paper still holds tremendous significance in everyday life. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the demand for cardboard and paper use up millions of tons of paper every year. Due to factors like greenhouse emissions, recycled paper products have come into more prominence than ever before. When compared to other recycled waste materials, paper and paper products represent almost 66% of all recycled products available in the market today. Why should you make the switch to recycled notebooks and other paper products? Take a look at some of the reasons that we have highlighted below.

Recycled notebooks will help save on landfill space 

Around 28% of the space in landfills meant for solid waste is made up of paper and paper products. According to the EPA, 1 ton of paper takes up 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. Recycling cardboard and paper helps us save precious landfill space for solid waste that is impossible to recycle. Using recycled paper notebooks or eco-friendly notebooks can help you contribute to a significant saving of landfill space. 

Using recycled notebooks helps preserve resources

Using recycled notebooks and other recycled paper products helps in preserving forests and trees. One ton of recycled paper saves around 17 trees from being felled. Apart from being benign completely environmentally friendly, the recycled paper helps save both the environmental and financial costs of manufacturing virgin paper. Paper can be recycled 5-7 times before its fibres become too short for further use. The constituents of short fibre paper can be composted or safely deposited in landfills as organic matter.

Using recycled notebooks contributes to the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases

The release of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouses gases can be greatly reduced by adopting recycled paper on a large scale. When paper undergoes aerobic decomposition in a landfill, it produces a large amount of methane gas. When combined with carbon dioxide, methane contributes to climate change by causing a global increase in temperature. Additionally, processing wood to make paper pulp is a process that relies on fossil fuel energy, which leads to additional carbon dioxide emissions. According to the EPA, a single tonne of recycled paper can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced by a minimum of one metric ton of carbon-equivalent, when compared with conventional virgin paper. 

Using recycled notebooks lowers the consumption of water and dependence on fossil fuels

Creating virgin paper from trees is a process that consumes a large amount of water and also contributes to the discharge of a large volume of harmful chemicals into water bodies. On the flip side, the manufacture of recycled paper is a process that consumes a minimal amount of water in comparison. Additionally, recycled 1 ton of paper can help save the consumption of two barrels of oil, which ultimately has a significant impact on the overall carbon emissions produced by the paper manufacturing process.

Using recycled notebooks creates less pollution 

When incinerators are used to dispose of old paper, the process creates enormous amounts of atmospheric pollution. The incineration of waste paper contributes to a large volume of toxic substances being released into the air, leading to several well documental health issues. When paper is recycled instead of being burnt, it has a multifold positive impact on the environment by helping limit atmospheric pollution, lowering the amount of water that needs to be consumed for the manufacture of paper and also lowering the number of pollutants released into water bodies that are created as a byproduct of the bleaching process of virgin paper. 

In the end, recycled paper is less expensive to make and use, both in terms of financial and environmental costs. If you are a student getting ready for the next academic year, our recycled notebooks can be the perfect alternative to conventional paper notebooks. Using recycled paper also helps you start making small and positive changes that can have immense long term effects over the course of your life, while also encouraging the production of more recycled goods. 

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