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Wholesale Recycled Paper and Stationery

Rescript your carbon footprint

We understand that certain businesses are heavy on their paper use. We cater to the paper and stationery needs of businesses, corporates, restaurants, hospitals and more to help them reduce their overall impact on the environment and tread the green path at an effective cost.

At Rescript, we are proud to be one of the few suppliers of sustainable paper in the subcontinent. As one of the few players in the field, we take our responsibility towards sustainability very seriously. Forming strong, secure partnerships helps us conceive long term sustainability goals that we can work towards, together with our clients.

If you represent a business that’s looking to take a more environmentally friendly turn, please get in touch with us. We can offer effective pricing strategies tailored to your requirements.



We recognize that every corporate has a constant requirement for high quality stationery. By switching to Rescript, we can help you lower your overall carbon footprint and leave a lasting positive impact on the planet.



Did you know the average 1,500-bed hospital prints 8 million paper pages a month? We help hospitals go green with their administrative needs by ensuring a steady supply of high quality, eco friendly paper and stationery.



As more institutions move to a paperless mode of business, we’ve got the essentials covered. Our clients in the education and learning sectors rely on us for their supply of sustainable paper and stationery.


Professional firms

Few industries require as much paper and stationery as much as law firms and other businesses operating in the Legal space. We offer monthly packages to law firms and other similar businesses to eliminate their impact on the earth’ tree cover.

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