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Simple water hacks for a sustainable summer

1st April 2022

With summer blazing down on India, water is suddenly more precious and valuable than at other times of the year. Our paper manufacturing process saves close to 60% of the water that would otherwise be used in the manufacture of conventional paper. Since it is one of our long term goals to save 6,00,00,000 litres of water by 2030, we’re happy to share some simple tricks that can be adopted to save large amounts of water that would typically be consumed by your household.

Fix the leaks 

Did you know that a minor leak with an outflow as low as 20 drops per minute can lead to up to six litres of water being wasted on a daily basis? Repairing faulty bathroom fittings is one of the simplest and most effective ways to lower your household’s water wastage. 

Pro tip: Putting a drop of food colouring or organic dye in your flush tank can reveal if your toilet is leaking water when it’s not being flushed. 

Lower your laundry water use

Around 22% of the water consumed by a household can be attributed to laundry. To optimize the amount of water used by your washing machine, make sure to precisely match the amount of water needed for each load. For most daily wear clothes that are not completely soiled or dirty, you can safely use less detergent than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Using low-sud detergents whenever you can helps you save up to a 3rd of water when compared to the water required by regular detergents to clean effectively. 

Recycle your Greywater

Water from sinks, showers and washing machines that have already been used is known as greywater. Greywater can easily be treated with easy, cost-effective methods and reused for cleaning or irrigation, instead of being directly released into sewage. Phytoremediation is a simple process that uses a combination of soil bacteria and common Indian plants like Colocasia and Ginger Lilly to treat greywater and make it fit for non-drinking use. 

Pro tip: An air conditioner produces up to 15 to 70 litres of condensate water per day that drains into sewage. This water is similar to rainwater and can be captured and redirected to a garden or groundwater recharging point. 

Reduce Water Consumption in the Kitchen

Avoid using running water to defrost any frozen food. Instead, you can thaw it out by shifting the food from the freezer to the fridge and letting it sit overnight. Cooling foods on your countertop also helps lower the ambient temperature of your kitchen. To save water while  washing your vegetables, immerse them in water and scrub them by hand until they are clean. This will help you save much more water than rinsing them under the tap. Remember, vegetables with ridged surfaces like broccoli, cauliflower and gourds need to be soaked in water for at least 20 minutes and before being rubbed. You can use the leftover to water plants or clean your sink. 

Stay tuned as we bring you more simple tips that you can adopt to minimize your water consumption this summer.

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