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How does recycled paper help the planet?

8th September 2022

As we covered in our last blog post, it’s common knowledge by now that climate change is wreaking havoc all around the planet. With conditions ranging from wildfires to floods, different areas of the planet are reeling under conditions that are unfamiliar to them. 

While it might be too late to reverse climate change solely by taking action on an individual level, we can definitely take small steps to slow down the rate at which we contribute carbon to the environment. One of the simplest things that we can collectively do is to replace all our conventional paper with recycled paper. 

While it might seem like making this switch only contributes to reduced waste, there’s so much more to recycled paper than just a reduction in the amount of solid waste we produce. Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest reasons to switch to recycled paper.

Why we should adopt recycled paper

Besides being beneficial to the environment, using recycled paper has several benefits for society and the economy. Recycled paper reduces the number of trees that need to be cut down and conserves natural resources. Recycling paper and using it has a lower environmental cost than confining waste paper to landfills or garbage dumps. Did you know waste paper accounts for the majority of waste in landfills? This space could otherwise be used for materials that cannot be recycled to compost. Businesses can boost their image by adopting large commitments to using recycled paper too. 

With the surface-level benefits of recycled paper established, let’s take a look at some of the bigger benefits offered by recycled paper.

The benefits of recycled paper


Energy saving: Paper produced from recycled paper represents an energy saving of 70% compared to the energy needed to produce paper from wood or virgin fibres

Reduction of the raw material consumed: For every ton of recycled paper, the equivalent of 12 to 17 trees are saved. Some sources even suggest that up to 31 trees are saved for every ton of recycled paper used.

Saving resources: By recycling, the paper-cardboard industry could be supplied with almost 69% of the resources it needs for sustenance.

Water saving: Recycling paper saves 80% of water compared to production from virgin fibre

Improved air and water quality: Paper recycling constitutes a 74% reduction in gas emissions and a 35% reduction in water[6] polluting emissions.

Savings in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions: Recycled paper produces less greenhouse gases overall than virgin paper. 

To get started on your journey with recycled paper, visit our store. We have a whole range of products that can cater to all your needs for stationery and paper products.

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