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Why The World Needs Eco-Friendly Stationery

16th September 2022

Every year, millions of trees are axed down to create paper and paper products. It’s time that we stopped and asked ourselves why we need to continue to rely on unsustainable raw materials for our stationery needs when the world has the potential to create enough recycled paper to meet the existing demand several times over. On an individual level, as responsible citizens, it’s crucial that we contribute to the welfare of our environment by adopting eco-friendly and sustainable stationery products.

Will we ever stop using virgin paper? 

While the world undergoes digitization in varying degrees, it will be impossible to completely forego the use of paper. Businesses are among the largest consumers of paper worldwide. Within businesses, individuals are enabled to use executive diaries, spiral notebooks, scratch pads and the like. Making the shift to using recycled paper for these products is a no-brainer. Like some of our corporate partners, many large corporate establishments are using recycled paper in their office stationery. We also provide customization for stationery products, which helps our clients meet their specific requirements. Get in touch with us using our contact form to know more about our corporate services.

How can we contribute to recycling efforts?

Start small. Every household is a collection of individuals who generate waste. The simplest step to adopt is to separate waste at the source and identify which parts of our garbage can be recycled before it enters the system. Another way you can change things up is by using steel spoons instead of plastic and carrying your own utensils when you travel.

For students, it is practically impossible to go through their responsibilities without using paper. Schools may even mandate the use of conventional paper and be against the recycled paper. Similarly, businesses are still reliant on paper for maintaining receipts and accounts. 

Luckily, paper is finding increasingly limited use within households. With the ban on single-use plastic bags in effect, households are producing less waste that cannot be recycled. Brown paper bags are made from recycled paper and are a great alternative to virgin paper. Additionally, the use of newspapers for packing is also on the rise.

The future of recycled paper

We envision a future where the majority of all virgin paper has been replaced with recycled paper. In an ideal situation, all schools, colleges and businesses would only use recycled paper. In the end, we hope that only a small fraction of mankind’s paper needs will be taken from trees. This begs the question: what happens to recycled paper when the world only relies on it? Surely, at some point, all recycled paper will have to be composted. Fortunately or not, we currently produce more waste than we can possibly recycle, so we hope that we can cross that bridge when we get there.

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