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Unveiling Recycled Paper: Exploring Various Grades and Qualities

30th June 2023

In today's environmentally conscious world, the demand for sustainable products has grown significantly. One area where sustainability shines is in the realm of recycled paper products. These eco-friendly alternatives to conventional paper offer a myriad of benefits, including reducing deforestation and minimising waste.

However, when it comes to choosing recycled paper products, understanding the different grades and quality levels available is crucial. In this blog post, we will delve into the various grades of recycled paper products, emphasising their quality and highlighting the importance of making informed choices in support of a greener future.



Understanding Recycled Paper Grades 

Recycled paper products come in a range of grades, each suited for different purposes and applications. The grades are typically determined based on the type and quality of the recycled fibres used in these sustainable products. Let's explore some common grades:

Mixed Office Paper

This grade often consists of a mixture of paper types, such as printer paper, envelopes, and notepads. It is suitable for everyday office use and general printing needs.


Newsprint-grade recycled paper is commonly used for newspapers, flyers, and other publications. It has a slightly lower brightness level compared to higher-grade options but remains ideal for mass printing applications.


Recycled cardstock is a heavier and sturdier grade of paper. It is commonly used for business cards, postcards, greeting cards, and other applications that require a more substantial weight and durability.

Evaluating Quality 

When considering recycled paper products, it's essential to evaluate their quality to ensure they meet your specific requirements. Here are some factors to consider:


The brightness of recycled paper refers to its light-reflecting capacity. Higher brightness levels typically indicate a cleaner, more visually appealing appearance.


The thickness or weight of recycled paper is measured in pounds (lb) or grams per square metre (gsm). Thicker paper is generally associated with higher quality and increased durability.

Ink Absorption

Good-quality recycled paper should have proper ink absorption properties to prevent ink smearing or bleeding. This factor is especially important when considering printing needs.

Benefits of Choosing Higher-Quality Recycled Paper 

Choosing a higher quality recycled paper is the first step. But, why do you have to choose a higher quality paper?

Enhanced Print Results

Higher-quality recycled paper often produces crisper prints with vibrant colours, making it suitable for professional documents, presentations, or marketing materials.


Premium recycled paper tends to be more robust and resilient, making it ideal for projects that require frequent handling or extended longevity.

Improved Writing Experience

Choosing higher-quality recycled paper can enhance the writing experience, with smoother surfaces and offer better resistance to ink feathering or bleeding.



Making Informed Choices for a Greener Future

When selecting recycled paper products, remember to look for certifications like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Recycled Paperboard Alliance (RPA). These labels ensure that these sustainable products meet specific environmental standards and contribute to sustainable practices. 

By making conscious choices and supporting brands that prioritise eco-friendly manufacturing processes, you can contribute to a greener future.

Exploring the different grades and quality of recycled paper products reveals the range of options available for sustainable products. By understanding the characteristics of each grade and evaluating their quality, we can make informed decisions, ensuring that our paper usage aligns with our environmental goals and supports a more sustainable planet.

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